Godzilla Once Threw a Bus Through Puff Daddy's Apartment

Puff Daddy minding his own business back in 1998.
Puff Daddy minding his own business back in 1998. /

Godzilla returned to our lives this week with the theatrical and HBO Max debut of Godzilla vs. Kong, an incredible spectacle where Godzilla and King Kong do indeed fight. But did you know that this movie was not the first time we've had to deal with Godzilla? In fact, one time back in the late 90's when Godzilla showed up in New York City and threw a city buss through Puff Daddy's apartment? It's true. Here's the footage.

When I watched this for the first time since it was airing on MTV, I thought that Diddy might have been living in The Continental from John Wick. Some research seems to reveal that it was actually The Flatiron Building which was destroyed in Godzilla, while The Continental is located at 1 Wall Street Court. This is a great shame because John Wick fighting Godzilla would have been just as good as King Kong. I mean, has King Kong ever killed anyone with a pencil?

Even if Sean Combs wasn't John Wick, it was still a risk for Godzilla to mess with his apartment. If he wasn't afraid to destroy "Kashmir," he obviously wouldn't be afraid of a giant lizard. Diddy further proved that by going on Saturday Night Live to perform "Come With Me" with Jimmy Page.

If Godzilla were to quote Michael Jordan, he would say, "and I took that personally," right about now. Godzilla went on to terrify The Wallflowers and Jamiroquai. First he tore a hole in the wall of an apartment containing The Wallflowers.

Then he burst through a movie theater screen while the projectionist was trying to get it on in the booth. Jay Kay danced through the chaos.

Yeah, Godzilla: The Album was a certified banger. Rage Against the Machine recorded "No Shelter" for the soundtrack. Yeah, they contributed to a song to the purest commercial entity possible, but they also threw in these lyrics to stand up to The Lizard, if not The Man.

"Godzilla pure motherfuckin' filler Get your eyes on the real killer, Cinema simulated life in trauma Forthright culture, Americana Chained to the dream they got you searchin' for, The thin line between entertainment and war. "

There'll be no shelter here indeed. Because Godzilla keeps destroying all the buildings. Which is probably how he got into the recording studio with Green Day where he forced them to record a new version of "Brain Stew." No wonder Rob Gordon tried to stop him.

Foo Fighters, Ben Folds Five, Days of the New, Fuel and Silverchair all also contributed songs to the soundtrack, which is amazing. The new Godzilla movie apparently has no time for songs.