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Gio Reyna Hit in the Head With Bottle Thrown By Mexico Fans

Ryan Phillips
Gio Reyna hit in the head by a projectile during USA-Mexico match
Gio Reyna hit in the head by a projectile during USA-Mexico match /

The United States and Mexico faced off in the CONCACAF Nations League Final Sunday night and it was a thrilling match. The 3-2 extra time win for the U.S. was monumental, but the gorgeous penalty kick goal by Christian Pulisic to secure the win was marred moments later during the celebration.

As the U.S. ran to the corner flag to celebrate, Mexican fans in the area began to throw things at them. In the melee, Gio Reyna was hit in the face by a projectile and looked visibly concussed.

Here's the goal from Pulisic and the celebration:

Here's video of Reyna getting hit:

Maximiliano Bretos was in the corner where it happened and posted the following:

Obviously that's ridiculous, and everyone is lucky no one else got hurt. There were other incidents where projectiles were thrown on the field. Here's another one a few minutes later where Mexican fans hit one of their one players:

An incredible match and an incredible moment for an absurdly young USMNT roster that trailed 1-0 and 2-1 and managed to come back and win was marred by those incidents.