Gilbert Arenas Blasts Mia Khalifa For Trying To Slide Into His DMs


Mia Khalifa has made a name for herself outing athletes who try to slide into her DMs. Well, she made a name for herself in porn, but she’s stayed in the news by outing athletes. Anyway, on Monday she got a taste of her own medicine when Gilbert Arenas put her on blast for trying to do the same thing.

That’s four DMs on Instagram in the span of a few days. Mia really wanted to hang out with Agent Zero.

A few hours later, Ms. Khalifa posted the following on Twitter:

The responses to that tweet (most of which can’t be posted on this website) are nothing short of amazing.

Look, when you draw a ton of attention to yourself by outing players who DM you, you can’t expect to not get the same treatment back. I’m not saying it’s cool for guys to constantly blow up her DMs, but when she turns around and does the same thing she has to know eventually someone is going to out her.

*Featured image via Mia Khalifa’s Instagram page