GIF: Cam Newton is Perhaps the Most Nimble 6-foot-5 QB in NFL History

By Jason McIntyre

Mildly interesting tidbit: Cam Newton pretty much ushered in the current era of the running quarterback, yet he’s only 7th among QBs in running this season. His rushing stats are way down from 2012 and 2011:

1. Terrelle Pryor 485 yards (8 carries of 20+)
2. Russell Wilson 375 yards
3. Mike Vick 308 yards (on just 34 attempts, 9.1 ypc)
4. Colin Kaepernick 294 yards (3 TDs)
5. Alex Smith 265 yards
6. Robert Griffin III 257 yards (five fumbles)
7. Cam Newton 251 yards (4 TDs, 0 carries of 20+)

Newton, clearly, is a different QB this year. Last year he ran 127 times for 741 yards, and had nine carries of 20+ yards. In 2011, as a rookie, he ran 126 times for 706 yards and had six carries of 20+ yards (and 14 TDs). He won’t come close to any of those numbers this year and projects to have just 110 carries for 502 yards. More importantly than the stats? The 5-3 record.

His first test in over a month is Sunday in San Francisco. The 49ers are coming off a bye and have won five straight by 10+ points and have only lost three home games during the Jim Harbaugh era.

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