Hot Mic Catches Frustrated Fan Screaming Obscenities at Giants' Alex Wood

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks
San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Arizona Diamondbacks beat the San Francisco Giants, 8-4, on Tuesday night. Giants starter Alex Cobb only lasted two innings, giving up five runs and five hits before he was pulled and replaced by Alex Wood who fared slightly better, scattering seven hits over five innings while giving up three runs.

Wood was having trouble with his PitchCom in the fourth inning. Having already allowed two runners to reach base to start the inning, people were starting to get impatient as you can hear the boos from the crowd. As well as the guy who got picked up on a hot mic screaming "f-cking go! Figure it out! F-ck!"

When Wood did go a few moments later he hit the batter, Corbin Carroll, and then gave up a two-run double to Ketel Marte. So maybe that should be a lesson to everyone to take your time to make sure all your equipment is working. Otherwise bad things - like losing to the Diamondbacks - happen.

There are only a couple weeks left in the season and the Giants are three games out of the Wild Card. If they'd won last night they'd have been just two games behind the Diamondbacks for the final spot in the postseason. And that's why you make sure your PitchCom is working.