New York Giants Thank Fans For Suffering Through Another Losing Season With Free Medium Fountain Soda


The New York Giants host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Coming into the weekend with a 4-9 record the Giants are in the midst of their fifth consecutive losing season. To say thanks to the fans for sticking with the team through all this badness, the organization today announced a fan appreciation day. The reward for paying thousands to continue to support a bad football team? A free (medium) soda.

UPDATE: Apparently, this isn't even one free soda per ticket, but one free soda per account.

Now, before you dismiss this as "nothing" or "pathetic,' keep in mind that a medium brand name soda at a professional sporting event in the tri-state area is probably upwards of five dollars. You get a free soda you can probably suddenly afford a pretzel!

Sure, this kind of thing is probably standard operating proceedure. It just sounds so absurd to call 16-20 ounces of soda "fan appreciation day."