Adam Schefter: Giants Believe Daniel Jones Has 'Done Enough' to Come Back in 2022

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Daniel Jones' third season as an NFL quarterback went the same way his first two did. He played okay sometimes but cannot stop turning the ball over. Then all of his skill position players got hurt. His offensive line was terrible. The playcalling was worse. Then Jones got hurt and now his year is effectively over; the New York Giants are dead last in the NFC East and have nothing to play for in the final three weeks of the season.

It is hard to truly evaluate Jones after nearly three years because his supporting cast, from coaches to players, has been downright awful. When the Giants act like a normal football team with balanced playcalling and have everybody healthy, Jones looks good enough to win games. But those instances have been very few and far between. Which mostly isn't the QB's fault. Jones' turnover issue is borderline astounding-- he has 50 touchdowns and 49 turnovers in his career so far. But if you can get past that or believe that's a problem that can be fixed, Jones can be a league-average starter. Which is not at all the ceiling the Giants were hoping for when they picked him No. 6 overall, but that pick was widely criticized for a reason.

Despite all this, the Giants believe Jones has "done enough" to warrant another look in 2022. Adam Schefter explained it all during Get Up this morning, and noted that while the Giants like Jones, that won't stop them from surveying the QB market this offseason.

New York is perhaps the most likely team to try and make a big move for a star signal-caller considering they have multiple high first-rounders this year and Jones is about as replaceable as it gets for a team with a quarterback on a rookie deal. Wise of Schefter to hedge. Russell Wilson has been the most popular name, which is a scenario that has its pros and cons.

But the Giants still have some faith in Jones. For whatever reason.