Giants Broadcaster Says Yasiel Puig is "Just Young and Dumb" for Considering Cardinals the Dodgers' Chief Rival


Hey what do you know, it’s been quite a while since somebody got angry about Yasiel Puig. So here’s a story about just that on a cold Tuesday in February. Last week Puig was quoted saying something to the effect he considers the Cardinals, not the Giants the Dodgers primary rival. Getting worked up over rivalries is often silly. Obviously the Giants and Dodgers have been linked forever, first in New York City and later on the West Coast. However if you’re Puig, you’ve seen the Cardinals knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs in consecutive years, including a game in the NLDS this season that involved all sorts of pushing and shoving at home plate after Adam Wainright plunked him.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before someone took issue with Puig’s opinion. The honors this time fall to Giants announcer Mike Krukow, via CSN Bay Area:

"“He’s just young. He’s just young and dumb and he’s gonna say some stuff,” Krukow said on KNBR 680-AM Monday morning. “As a group, I doubt if they are gonna be talking about it openly but they are gonna be thinking about it. They don’t miss stuff like that … if there was any way to refocus a whole group with a World Series hangover, this is it. Thank you Yasiel Puig.”"

Here’s something that might be dumb, too: the idea whatever Puig said about a rivalry is going to “refocus” the Giants after winning the World Series. Increasingly the whole “bulletin board material” concept feels outdated.

The first Dodgers/Giants games of 2015 take place in San Francisco on April 21, so mark your calendars accordingly, I guess.