Giants Analyst Carl Banks Refutes New York Post Plane-Trashing Report, Chides Craig Carton


Everybody had a good bit of fun with Monday report in the New York Post that the Giants had trashed their charter plane on the way back from their loss in Green Bay. If you missed it, the flight after theirs, en route to London, was delayed for a couple hours while cleaning crews reportedly had to clean up popcorn and chewing tobacco residue, and only half-succeeded in masking the rampant smell of alcohol.

Carl Banks, who is the color commentator for the Giants radio network, was on the flight, and claims that the New York Post report was false, and that it was a case of United covering up their own staffing inadequacies.

On WFAN’s Boomer and Carton this morning, Boomer brought these tweets up while Carton was skeptical:

WFAN is also the Giants’ radio network, so it’s presumable that Carton and Banks are just having fun with each other. In any event, Banks has sent out roughly a million tweets tonight responding to people who asked him about what Carton said. Here is a sample:

Thus concludes the latest edition of he said they said he said they said.