Giant Potatoes Go Viral, Prove the Internet Wasn't a Complete Mistake

Normal, boring, potatoes.
Normal, boring, potatoes. / Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

The Internet is great because it allows local news that truly does not matter to be spread far and wide. So when a bunch of cows crash a party and drink all the light beer, the rest of the world knows. When a local man encounters Bigfoot, the world knows. Or say, when a couple goes on their usual vacation to Maine and stops to pick up 150 pounds of potatoes and they end up with two massive four-pound taters, we know.

This is how they grow Russet Potatoes in St Agatha. ME. (4+lbs) ?Thanks to Judy&Jean Guy you guys. ?

Posted by Bruce Bernier on Saturday, October 10, 2020

To quote the headline from Bangor Daily News, "Take a look at this photo of giant 4-pound potatoes found in St. Agatha." Seriously, take a look. Those are really big potatoes! More than a thousand people have shared the photo on Facebook and the Bangor Daily News wrote a story about it. This might be the biggest Maine-based potato story of the year.

I'm not sure if the best part of the story is that locals were pointing out the woman in restaurants (That's the huge potato girl) or that it ends with the various ways the couple prepares their potatoes. (Loaded baked, scalloped, mashed)

Thank you, Tardif Farms, for your potato prowess. Thank you Bruce and Joann for sharing these with the world. And lastly, thank you, Internet. Without you, we would have no idea potatoes could grow so large.