Dave Gettleman: Giants Hired 'Computer Folks' to Rebuild Scouting Department

Dave Gettleman, not a computer folk.
Dave Gettleman, not a computer folk. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Giants decided to retain Dave Gettleman after firing head coach Pat Shurmur on the NFL's Black Monday. This was a questionable decision, but one that had the backing of the ownership group. It also had the backing of some media members, including Albert Breer, who tweeted out yesterday morning that, to Gettleman's credit, he has not lived up to his reputation as a football luddite and has "modernized" New York's scouting department.

Gettleman met with the media today to discuss the immediate future of the franchise that is, for now, under his sole supervision. In the process, he provided a helpful explanation of just how the Giants have modernized their approach to football.

Lest we forget, it's been less than five months since Gettleman mocked analytics as a concept when criticized for selecting Saquon Barkley second overall. From an SI profile with Jonathan Jones:

"“If that makes me a hater of analytics, because the analytic people say [you can plug and play whomever at running back], you can’t!,” Gettleman says. “If that’s the reasoning, that I’ve become a doddering old fool that hates analytics … that’s O.K.”"

Gettleman actually addressed this, and said he was kidding. Which seems dubious.

Furthermore, he claims to have changed his tune after meeting with "a big analytics guy." I would like to meet this man.

Giants fans have lots to look forward to!