Giannis Antetokounmpo Mentioned Los Angeles As a Potential Place Where He Could Play With His Brothers

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Giannis Antetonkounmpo can become an unrestricted free agent in about 16 months. Or he can sign a massive five-year extension with the Bucks this summer. Which path he chooses will probably have a lot to do with how far Milwaukee gets during the playoffs this spring. Language from Giannis in favor of staying in Milwaukee has been mostly positive, but during a recent interview, he said something that will at least make Bucks' fans groan.

Giannis was recently asked about the thought of playing on the same team as both of his brothers, Kostas and Thanasis. Giannis said that it would be cool for them all to play together in Milwaukee or Los Angeles.

Giannis is currently sharing a locker room with Thanasis in Milwaukee, but Kostas has a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, which is probably why Giannis mentioned that city specifically. Still, people are going to run with that. Like us, here, for the sake of content. Perhaps in the future when asked about where he would consider playing, Giannis might want to just start throwing in some cities from the Greek Basketball League, just to keep people calm.

Besides, he didn't even say the Lakers. Just Los Angeles. And most importantly of all, he did not say New York. The Knicks would love to have him, but they already had Thanasis during a two-year stretch where the team went 49-115 while Giannis was becoming a superstar and they let him go, severing any possible connection to the Antetonkounmpo family.

As difficult as it would be go get three Antetonkounmpo boys on one team, just wait until Alex shows up.