Giannis Antetokounmpo Effectively Promotes Telehealth Company With Viral Video About Maybe Playing For Bulls

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Giannis Antetokounmpo finally entertained the idea of someday playing for another team. During what appears to be an introductory press conference for his new partnership with the telehealth company Antidote, Lou Canellis of FOX 32 in Chicago asked Giannis if he would ever sign with the Bulls. Antetokounmpo's response was incredibly charitable as he said that "everybody would love to play for Chicago," and that down the line maybe he would play for Chicago before mentioning that he was committed to Milwaukee.

Can you recall a time when Giannis was so open about the possibility of playing somewhere besides Milwaukee? And that's why I find this entire thing fishy.

As I've spent the last few weeks deep in the mind of Nathan Fielder, this video screams of something from Nathan For You. A too-perfect, ready-made viral video with Giannis in front of a backdrop covered in the Antidote logo. There don't appear to be any other videos of any other part of this presser online anywhere. Just one specific, carefully worded, well-edited clip about how great it would be for the 27-year old two-time MVP to consider playing in Chicago.

I was curious about whether or not there was even a full press conference and reached out to the company. They sent a link to the digital press kit and said there was a "full dialogue about his relationship with Antidote Health as well and his background." They are looking into finding more video. Presumably it will be better than Canellis' original tweet.

The good news is that there's nothing nefarious going on. Giannis has partnered with and invested in a company that wants to get affordable and accessible healthcare to people, which is good. The best case scenario is that they created came up with a marketing strategy that worked perfectly. Worst case scenario, well, there wasn't one. Unless you're a Bucks fan. 2026 is right around the corner...