'Get Up' Misses Sports, But Let's Not Pretend They Wouldn't Have These Dumb Arguments Under Normal Circumstances

The 'Get Up' gang discusses sports.
The 'Get Up' gang discusses sports. /

Unfortunately, I could not find a clip of the Get Up gang discussing Patrick Mahomes' Hall of Fame chances from before the pandemic. All they had to offer was Dan Orlovsky saying Mahomes needed a Hall of Fame-worthy performance for the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. There is of course footage of Nick Wright saying Mahomes is already in the Hall of Fame on The Herd before sports were canceled.

Discussing the Hall of Fame argument for a 24-year old football player after two full seasons in the NFL is not something that is happening because there are no games to discuss. In a world where there is no coronavirus, Get Up is still likely to have this conversation with Dan Graziano, Booger McFarland, and Jeff Saturday on the eve of NFL training camp. I just don't see these guys talking about whatever happened in the AL West the night before.

The same goes for the insufferable Michael Jordan - LeBron James conversations. The pandemic combined with The Last Dance was a perfect storm for the classic debate, but it's a classic for a reason. Sports debate shows play the hits and they play them often.

In our current situation, it's become more pronounced and there's less to distract from the fact that we're all forced to have the same conversations every single day, but the return of baseball on Thursday night isn't going to erase the usual preseason football debates about which QB is the most elite or whether this is the year the Patriots dynasty will end. If you have these same panelists on Get Up next Friday, the morning after the NBA returns, they're going to talk about whether Tom Brady can win without Bill Belichick.

The truth is, sports really only distract from arguments about sports. So if Graziano wants a distraction from this, yes, we all agree.