Gerald McCoy Calls on Jerry Jones to Speak on Social Injustice

Gerald McCoy
Gerald McCoy /

The last few weeks of activism have seen many notable figures speak out and stand up after the death of George Floyd reminded everybody that this country, in several ways, remains very broken. However, owners of teams across all sports have been rather quiet. They are powerful men, but predominately white, and other than Mark Cuban have largely chosen to do their part through organizational activism and donations rather than attaching their names to any quotes.

New Dallas Cowboy Gerald McCoy has noticed his owner's silence. Jerry Jones is a loud man in every respect, but hasn't put out a statement outside of what the Cowboys have said. McCoy went on First Take today to ask Jones to use the platform and influence he's gained over the decades to speak against the injustice in our society.

This wasn't a call-out by any means. McCoy simply wants his billionaire boss to speak up, as he has done countless times in the past for issues far less important. It's a fair ask by McCoy. Jones will back his players in every way possible, and has proven so over the years. But his decision to avoid any public statements right now does speak volumes. It may not be entirely fair to single out Jones in this when just about all of his counterparts have done the same, but Jones is held to a different standard as by far the most known face of all team owners in sports.

Will this lead to Jones doing what McCoy asks? Probably not. But I also can't imagine McCoy is speaking for himself here. A statement from Jones would go a long way with his players.