South Carolina-Georgia Was the Worst Great Game You'll Ever See

South Carolina v Georgia
South Carolina v Georgia / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Play. The Kick. The...Misses?

Normally, Saturday's tilt between South Carolina and Georgia might fall by the wayside. But its double overtime status and reveal of a major upset victory, one that took down one of college football's remaining unbeaten squads, ensure its place in history alongside a tragic comedy of errors from both sides beforehand.

The South Carolina Gamecocks took the game 20-17, courtesy of a 24-yard field goal by Parker White in the second extra session. It is worth nothing White nearly went down as the game's goat not once, but twice.

In the first overtime period, White could've sent Georgia fans home disappointed a little earlier than usual, but he missed a 24-yarder. His revised heroics, however, might've saved his head coach Will Muschamp a weekend of consternation and second-guessing.

After Georgia tied the game with a touchdown with just over a minute left, South Carolina, who lost starting quarterback Ryan Hilinski to an injury earlier in the game, worked their way past the 50-yard-line and into Bulldogs territory. Dealing with a fourth down and three yards to go at the Georgia 40 and 40 seconds to work with, Muschamp instead opted to send out White for a 57-yard field goal attempt. It missed, but Georgia failed to capitalize, opting to throw a Hail Mary instead of sending out the strong-legged Rodrigo Blakenship for a last-second attempt to win.

Such failures were common in Georgia's demise. The aforementioned second guesses may yet emerge from Athens, especially as the departed Justin Fields continues to dominate in a new shade of red in Columbus. Jacob Fromm threw two interceptions in regulation, including a pick-six toward the end of the first half that officially planted and buried the seeds of an upset.

In the end, White's chip shot proved to be the winner. Blankenship missed a 42-yard attempt that officially ended a bar-none brutal week for Georgia sports. The Gamecock celebration and memes abound flowed soon after.

Georgia will return to action against Kentucky next weekend.