Jake Fromm is the Safety School of NFL Draft Quarterbacks

Kyle Koster
Jake Fromm is going for it.
Jake Fromm is going for it. / Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Jake Fromm is foregoing his senior season to enter the NFL Draft. Before the Sugar Bowl, he let on that he received a grade, but wouldn't reveal what it was. Considering the decision, it must have been pretty good, which is interesting because the latest mock from CBS Sports pits him in the fourth round after 100 other prospects.

But here he comes anyway. His stock is down significantly from early in his career where the first round was a given, the top-10 seemed possible, and the No. 1 spot within reach. A lackluster junior year will do that.

Fromm's completion percentage dipped down to 60.2 after a 67.3 campaign in 2018. He was under 50 percent in the five games preceding the Sugar Bowl. Efficiency eluded him, as did big plays and collecting impressive tape.

What Fromm did do, though, is win and win often. He morphed from a playmaker to a caretaker in an offense replete with game-breaking running backs. And one wonders if, in an NFL struggling to let imagination seep in, that's actually what a team will value.

Fromm looks like a quarterback out of Central Casting. He'll know his playbook front and back. The interview session will go great and he has big-game experience.

He is the very type of quarterback you can see getting a spot start for the Denver Broncos in Week 13 or doing just enough to not win a Saturday afternoon playoff game against the Houston Texans.

Don't read that as a slight. That's the worst-case scenario. The best is that he regains some of the magic that had him rocketing up draft boards before the sample size got larger. He'll get a fresh start in the NFL, and not have to play the role of the woman in the distracted boyfriend meme staring at Joe Burrow.

That player is still in there. Whomever can get it out will be richly rewarded.

Fromm of last year has all the makings of a high-floor, low-ceiling signal-caller. Fromm of years past has the potential to be good for a long time. We'll have to see what we get.