George Mason's Josh Oduro Gets Away With Worst Travel Ever, Opposing Coach Gets Technical

George Mason University Sanitizes Arena To Protect From Covid-19
George Mason University Sanitizes Arena To Protect From Covid-19 / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The Saint Louis Billikens beat the George Mason Patriots, 63-62, on Wednesday night. As the score indicates, it was a close game that came down to a single Yuri Collins free throw with a second remaining. Obviously, every point was crucial, which makes the technical fouls called on Saint Louis coach Travis Ford during the second half so bad.

Here's the play that resulted in his first technical. George Mason's Josh Oduro drove down the lane and got away with one of the more hilarious travels you will ever see. First he appeared to take two steps after picking up his dribble and then went into a pivot. That's probably about six steps, which is worth complaining about, but then he jumped backwards and then jumped again to take a jumper. Just look at it.

That is egregious. Ford was assessed a technical foul for making the traveling motion with his arms. If that wasn't bad enough, he got another technical foul a couple minutes later for ... telling his team to get back on defense after they made a three-pointer.

Ford gave his side of the story in the postgame press conference and was understandably confused.

Let's see what the officials had to say about the calls after the game.