George Kittle Lets Everyone Know He Got Hit Right in the Nuts


The San Francisco 49ers got off to an awful start against the Minnesota Vikings Monday night, and things were even worst for All-Pro tight end George Kittle. As the 49ers were attempting a comeback, Kittle took a shot in the groin and was not happy about.

On a second quarter play, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy sailed a throw well over Kittle's head. As he rose to try and get it, Vikings safety Harrison Smith hit him below the belt. It was a rough scene. After the play Kittle was clearly in pain and could be seen saying, "Right in my dick!"

Here's a look:

Ouch. Not cool, Harrison, not cool at all man. There is a code and you broke it.

Obviously it wasn't intentional, but Smith put a shoulder right into Kittle's groin. That's going to hurt for a while, even if Kittle was wearing some form of protection.