Geno Smith Owed IK Enemkpali Money and Wasn't Paying His Debt

By Jason McIntyre

Boomer Esiason, a blowhard radio host who used to play QB for the Jets about 20 years ago, must have checked in with the franchise, because he claims that Geno Smith owed linebacker IK Enemkpali money from a “debt” and wasn’t paying, and that’s why the Jets’ QB got sucker punched.

This part is pure guesswork on my part: Enemkpali must have asked for his money again Tuesday, and Smith – his 2015 base salary is $585,000 – tried to play a tough guy, probably telling the linebacker to buzz off with a finger in his face. Then, WHAP!

We’ve seen this before in sports: When you owe somebody money, you pay them, or it gets ugly.

Charles Oakley vs. Tyrone Hill is still the Gold Standard for paying your debt. If you’re unaware of it: Hill, playing for the 76ers at the time, owned Oakley money. In October of 2000, before a preseason game, Oakley walked up to Hill at the shootaround and slapped him for not paying.

Months later, Hill had still not paid Oakley. At the shootaround before a game in April 2001, Oakley threw a basketball at Hill’s head and was fined and suspended.

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There was also the Gilbert Arenas – Javaris Crittenton locker room situation a few years ago that resulted in guns making an appearance.

If Esiason is right, and this was all over a card game or gambling debt, it’ll be interesting to see what Smith says to the media when his jaw is no longer wired shut.