Geno Smith Got His Jaw Broken by a Teammate Over a Plane Ticket and Limo Totaling $600

By Jason McIntyre

Geno Smith got his jaw broken over a mere $600 that he owed teammate IK Enemkpali. Imagine that – Smith put his job and future with the Jets on the line over a mere $600. According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, Geno Smith had initially agreed to attend a charity event hosted by Enemkpali in July, but then backed out at the last minute, allegedly due to the death of a friend. Enemkpali wanted to be reimbursed for the flight and limo – about $600.

Smith didn’t pay quickly enough, the two exchanged words, and then Enemkpali slugged him.

Both parties screwed up. Geno, you’re a millionaire. You carry $600 around in your wallet. Pay the dude. And IK, my man – chill with the temper.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Jets’ new starter at QB. There’s no telling if he’ll relinquish the starting job by the time Smith is eating solid food.

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