General Booty is the Best Name in This College Football Recruiting Class

General Booty
General Booty /

General Booty and his entire family have heard it all before. How could they not? With such an incredible family name, you have to own it and that's exactly what General's father, Abram Booty, did when he named his son General Axel Booty.

Abram played wide receiver at LSU and was briefly with the Cleveland Browns. His uncle Josh Booty was a quarterback at LSU and spent a few years in the NFL. Another uncle, John David Booty, played at USC and then spent a couple years in the NFL. Now the world - or at least the college football world - is being introduced to General Booty and waiting to find out where he ends up on National Signing Day.

General, a quarterback in Texas, spoke to The Dallas Morning News last week. Via The Dallas Morning News:

"“Obviously my name’s an attention-grabber and people like to do headlines with it, but I like to show people with my play that I can back it up, too,” General said. “I have done that, I’m going to continue to do that as well, and give them a reason to remember my name.”"

Wherever he ends up, however he plays there, people will take note because he has one of the greatest names in college football history. Quite an accomplishment.