Gavin Newsom Tackled a Child While Trying to Show Off on a Basketball Court in China


California Governor Gavin Newsom is in China this week and his trip obviously included some time to play pickup basketball with some small children. Newsom dazzled on the court, spinning the ball on his finger before breaking out moves that can best be described as Business Casual Kryie.

In this clip Newsom can be seen going behind the back, doing a spin move, and crossing over a child as he tried to split a double-team. And that's when he took out one of the kids, let go of any semblence of basketball, and just tackled the defender.

Serious shades of Boris Johnson knocking over a kid playing rugby in Japan. What is it about children's sports that gets politicians so fired up that they want to go full contact in wing tips?

At some point an aide has to step in and say that the photo opp is enough. If you score on some small children, no one is going to care or remember. But if you fall down on a kid, the Internet will never forget. Wait until you get home, put on some workout clothes and go get buckets against someone your own size when there are no cameras rolling.