Garrett Stubbs Partied His Ass Off Last Night


Garrett Stubbs literally didn't do anything on the field as the Philadelphia Phillies dispatched the Atlanta Braves for a second consecutive season. But the great part about baseball and postseason celebrations is that doesn't mean a damn thing and if he wants to be the player getting after it the most, then more power to him. And after Game 4, he definitely got after it. You can tell because he was shirtless, in overalls, pollinating the victorious clubhouse with beer, and doing some Wade Boggs-like competition where he saw how many Budweisers he could fit into his front pouch.

“Fuck the Bravos, and whoever the fuck we play next, and always the Mets," Stubbs could be heard shouted over some country music. He also wore an empty beer box on his head like a genius. In short, he was on one.

Stubbs is probably still sleeping this one up but eventually someone will inform him that he and the Phillies play the Diamondbacks in the National League Championship Series. Thankfully that doesn't start until Monday so there's plenty of time to clean up that sacred space of a clubhouse up and for Stubbs to find any beers he stuffed way down into the pockets of those overalls.

Philly will be heavily favored and if they advance to a second straight World Series, you can count on Stubbs to leave it all on the dance floor since he didn't leave any of it on the field.