'Game of Zones' Comes to a Perfect Conclusion

Game of Zones
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*Warning: Spoilers ahead for the series finale of Game of Zones*

Bleacher Report's extremely popular Game of Zones web series came to its conclusion on Thursday after six years of episodes. What started off as a brief two-minute sketch turned into a beloved narrative that every NBA and Game of Thrones fan looked forward to. The finale, as we expected, was perfect, just over a year to the day of the awful finale of Game of Thrones.

Watching this, I was absolutely blown away by the foresight (and the luck) the writers had with the final episode. These have been in the making for months, if not a year, and somehow the finale comes out the day after Paul Pierce makes headlines because he left LeBron James off his five greatest players of all-time list. The Michael Jordan vs. LeBron arguments portrayed here have been recycled for a decade, but the writers didn't know The Last Dance would be bumped up and result in those arguments being featured for the five weeks leading up to the finale.

Otherwise, though, this had it all. We were robbed of the actual big battle between the Dream Team and the All-Knight team because of darkness, just like the Battle of Winterfell. Sam Hinkie's surprise showing was incredible, and Kyrie Irving being the one to crown The Truth was almost too perfect. Jayson Tatum's bemused expression when Bill Simmons declared him the GOAT is exactly how I imagine Tatum reacts when he hears Simmons sing his praises.

It's sad that it came to an end. Like every great show, the beauty was in the details. I regularly paused episodes to read the titles of all the books and had to rewatch a few to make sure I caught all the quick jokes. It was an amazing concept executed to perfection, all the way to the final seconds-- something the creators of Game of Thrones wished they could say.

Long live the Mediadell. Long live Game of Zones!