Game of Thrones Finale Script Has Internet Making Fun of Jon and Sansa for 'Failing Geography'


The script for “Iron Throne,” Game of Thrones’ finale, has leaked and the meme machines have been restored. It turns out, at least according to the finale script, both Jon Snow and Sansa Stark failed geography class. Not only is this problematic, but, as the internet warriors show, they’ve been reading maps and pretending to know what they are seeing for years now. Yep, they are that type.

Nevertheless, enjoy these:

"Sansa: Where will you go? Jon: Where will *we* go? I get it now, it suddenly all makes sense! They sucked at geography so much they couldn’t be trusted to go anywhere alone ?"

— her satanic char (@goodkingj

Say what you want about the final season of Game of Thrones, but no show has ever had better memes. These, like the ones all season, are top-notch. You do have to wonder at this time how many students who failed geography are making these memes? Nothing worse than being that person.