Game Of Thrones' Epic First Season

Stephen Douglas

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Consider this your written warning.

For fans, there are currently four books available in the A Song of Ice and Fire series with another coming out next month and two more planned. Hopefully that means 6 more seasons of Game of Thrones. The final scene of the series? Everyone dies. There’s no other way to do it.

The first season of Game of Thrones was wonderfully done. Possibly the best part about the season (aside from the gratuitous violence and nudity) was the progression of the characters.The show (and books most likely) are about characters that must adapt and change the way they approach their lives or die. Or they change and adapt and still die. Either way, nobody gets out of Westeros life alive.

The worst part was the entire ending of last night’s episode. Dragons, White Walker hunting, War… EVERYTHING WAS JUST GETTING GOOD! I can’t wait a year! We have to though. In the meantime, let’s talk about some of our favorite – and least favorite characters – as we begin the long winter and wait for Season 2.

Khal Drogo you guys…
Drogo had a run as one of the most badass characters you’ll ever see on television. (Fun fact: The Dothraki have 37 words for “badass,” but none for “snow.”) The fact that a little wound, a loving wife and Snooki did him in saddens me greatly. He – and his motivational techniques – will be missed in future seasons.

I hate Joffrey
King Joffrey of House Baratheon might be the most loathsome character in the history of television. I don’t think that’s hyperbole either. What a smug little prick. Never before have I wanted so badly to see a teenager to die. Yet, you have to appreciate the way the character has gone from a sniveling, spoiled little twerp to a completely cruel and evil King. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but he figured out really quickly that he’s going to rule to be feared. Still. I hate him.

King Robb
I might have guessed that Robb were suited to become a future king in GoT, but to have men declare him the King of the North after just one great battle was a bit surprising. The different fates of each Stark child is so… different. Robb becomes a King and Arya becomes a boy.

Arya rules
Arya is great and quickly jumps to mind when thinking about favorite characters. From what I’ve heard, she’s even cooler in the books. Hopefully she is the one to finally put a sword through Joffrey. Until then, she has to go of with Needle and one of King Robert’s bastards and hike to the wall where her brother will hopefully be alive. Truly a sad cliffhanger for such a young girl.

Also, RIP Syrio

Goodbye Eddard Stark
One thing I must point out is that Ned Stark’s death was not some earth-shattering game-changing televised revelation. First of all, he died in the book. Second of all, GoT was hardly a vehicle specifically for Sean Bean. Third, if you want main characters dying or being written out of the show for long periods of time, check David Simon’s resume.

If I were ranking GoT characters, Ned Stark doesn’t make the Top 10. This show is an ensemble and boring, stubborn old Ned Stark just didn’t do it for me. His downfall was his own doing. There is no place for the purely righteous in Westeros. Ned never learned that and it sealed his fate. His death has already done more for the world than he ever did in his life.

Emo Jon Snow
From the eyeliner to the crazy emotional swings, it’s tough being a bastard. I keep wondering if Snow’s real mother will play a role in the story moving forward. I also wonder if his dedication to what’s right will ultimately screw him like it did his father.

The maturation of Dany from an unwilling young bride to a bad-ass dragon mom was incredible to behold. Her brother’s death was one of the most satisfying on-screen deaths I’ve ever seen.Where the former Khaleesi goes from here? Only the Gods know.

Game of Thrones: Season 2 and beyond…
The first season now feels like nothing more than an appetizer for next year. I mean, it was an amazing appetizer and all, but it just looks like its going to get better. The expectations are extremely high for the cast and crew. That’s the problem with doing a really good job. While we impatiently await the return of GoT, it might be best to try to become less attached to the characters.

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