Game Of Thrones: Best Twitter Reactions And Memes From Season 8, Episode 4


“Game of Thrones” is now officially two episodes from the highly-anticipated series finale. The fourth episode of the eighth season aired Sunday night and plenty happened. It wasn’t the action-packed tour de force of last week’s Battle of Winterfell, but plenty of chess pieces moved around the board to set up the finish to the series.

Below are all the best tweets and memes about the show surfacing on social media. Be warned, spoilers are ahead.

A few general reactions to start:

People weren’t happy with Ser Jamie for breaking Ser Brienne’s heart:

Fans reacted to Tyrion attempting to reason with Cersei:

Daenerys Targaryen, first of her name, had a rough episode. She said goodbye to Jorah Mormont, watched Missandei die and lost a dragon, as Rhaegal went down in an ambush. She’s gone from three dragons to one in the span of a few episodes. Oh, and Jon Snow ain’t want none no more:

Missandei’s death hit viewers hard:

Varys is questioning his devotion to Daenerys and now he know’s Jon Snow’s secret:

In one of the few sweet moments in the show, Gendry was legitimized and became the Lord of Storm’s End. Then he asked Arya to be his lady. It didn’t go well: