Gabe Kapler to the LA Dodgers Front Office? Misadventures in Twitter Direct Messages

By Jason Lisk

Gabe Kapler, who has been a baseball analyst with Fox Sports 1 and appeared on the MLB whip around coverage, may be going to the Los Angeles Dodgers in some front office capacity, if his apparently accidental tweet is an indicator. Kapler sent out (and has since deleted) the following, that may have been intended as another direct message to someone, after ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick contacted him to confirm going to the LA front office.

Kapler has been one of the brightest young analysts in the game, and frequently does work with the advanced analytics, including this piece last year, before FS1 began broadcasting. He also was part of the “Just A Bit Outside” experiment during the playoffs last month.

He would be a clear fit for an organization that is moving that direction with the hire of Andrew Friedman.

[h/t: @pedroiar]

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