From Fighting Over Toni Braxton to Beating Up His Wife to Failed Power Plays


Have you taken a look at Jason Kidd’s career? I mean, a really close look? Though Kidd attempts to give off a friendly, shy, laid-back persona in interviews, the man is a dirty, back-stabbing, jealous, insecure individual. He might have a future in politics. This is a guy who used to blow kisses to his wife and signal to his kids from the foul line. He’s now become the biggest laughingstock in the NBA.

* 3rd in NBA history in regular season triple doubles (107) behind Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson. Great career! Hall of Fame lock!

* Dallas, 1994-1996: Fought with teammate Jim Jackson over singer Toni Braxton. Kidd, a star at California, was the 2nd pick in the 1994 draft. He was such a locker room problem for the Mavs, they traded him after just three seasons. Immaturity? Entitlement? Probably a bit of both.

* Phoenix 1996-2001: It was all going so well! Kidd was emerging as perhaps the NBA’s best point guard, turned the Suns into a 50-win team, Phoenix added Penny Hardaway … and then bad Kidd struck. Literally. Kidd beat up his then-wife, Joumana Kidd. She told police on the 911 call: “There’s just a bad history here. I told him this would be the last time, and he popped me right in the mouth.” According to the police report, Jason Kidd ate a french fry off her son’s plate, she told her husband not to do that and then, “Jason then turns towards Mrs. Kidd and spits the french fry at Mrs. Kidd, striking her in the face. Mrs. Kidd turns away from Jason. Jason then strikes Mrs. Kidd in the face while holding a container of yogurt in his hand.” Phoenix traded him as fast as they could.

* New Jersey, 2001-2008: He took the Nets to the Finals! Twice! But as in Phoenix, it ended in disaster, and involved his wife. Kidd filed for divorce in January, 2007; his wife filed a blockbuster counter-claim a month later. From the Smoking Gun: “According to Joumana, 34, Kidd has engaged in extramarital affairs with ‘several different television reporters,’ as well as strippers in Arizona, Sacramento, Miami, Dallas and Indiana, a Nets season ticket holder, a Nets employee, and a cheerleader in New Orleans.” The Nets moved on, quickly.

* Dallas 2008-2012: A Championship ring! Finally! A new wife (Porsche Coleman), no significant off-the-court mistakes. He was all grown up!

* New York, 2012-2013: A week after the Knicks signed Kidd, he was reportedly “carried out of a club” in the Hamptons following a night of drinking, then got behind the wheel and somehow survived this accident. He lasted one season in New York before leaving the court for the sideline.

* Brooklyn, 2013-2014: Suspended the first two games of the season for the aforementioned DUI, then the Nets started 10-21, Kidd demoted the assistant coach (Lawrence Frank) that he begged the team to hire. Brooklyn nearly fired Kidd, then he pulled it together and got the team to the 2nd round of the playoffs (with the help of two Hall of Famers). Also, there was this embarrassing “hit me” moment that the NBA wasn’t thrilled with. This offseason, after Kidd saw Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr get larger contracts than his, he attempted a power play. It failed.

Jason Kidd is a power-hungry egomaniac, and this experiment is destined to end poorly in Milwaukee. I feel bad for Jabari Parker, whose initial plunge into the NBA will be with this clown as a coach.

I feel even worse for Milwaukee coach Larry Drew, who never knew this was coming. Watch your back, GM John Hammond.

Kidd’s “trade” to Milwaukee is now official – the Bucks gave up a 2015 2nd round pick and a 2019 2nd round pick. Hope they know what they’re getting into. Caveat Emptor.