French Open Protester Attaches Herself to Net During Semifinals

2022 French Open - Day Thirteen
2022 French Open - Day Thirteen / Ryan Pierse/GettyImages

A protester somehow got onto the court at the French Open during the semifinal match between Casper Ruud and Marian Cilic. The woman managed to attach herself to the net and play had to be halted while security figured out how to get her out.

Here's video of the incident, which happened during the middle of the third set.

It's remarkable how laid back everyone was. She just seemed to cruise down to the court without anyone jumping to stop here, then once she was in place they seemed to take their sweet time removing her.

The woman wore a shirt that said, "We have 1,028 days left." Apparently she is a climate change activist.

Ruud won the match 3-6, 6-4, 6-2, 6-2 and will face Rafael Nadal in the final on Sunday. But for a moment on Friday, tennis got wild.