Free Ideas, Vol III: Championship Banner Meme Generator

Can an idea really have an owner, man?
Can an idea really have an owner, man? /

The Brooklyn Nets are currently the ratings kings of New York City according to this tweet from the YES Network. Through three games this season, the Nets are attracting about 25,000 more viewers on their regional cable sports network than the New York Knicks are on MSG Network. The New York Post calls this "stunning" news with writer Marc Berman wondering if this is the first time in history this has happened.

This is not stunning or surprising. The Nets are good and feature Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The Knicks stink and feature Julius Randle and Alec Burks. I know everyone is trying really hard, but one of those teams has a serious edge when it comes to watchability.

Still, this is big for the Nets who can finally lay claim to "owning" New York City. Even if the Nets have made the playoffs in four of the seven years since the last Knicks postseason appearance. They just weren't able to generate the same gameday buzz they can this year with KD and Kyrie. So they are completely right to celebrate this accomplishment and people online should be able to easily and accessibly create a fake banner to hang in Madison Square Garden.

The world needs a championship banner meme generator.

I should be able to create a banner that says, "HIGHER LOCAL RATINGS THAN THE KNICKS IN DECEMBER '20-'21" and hang it between the '75-'76 ABA Championship banner and the '01-'02 Atlantic Division Champions banner. You should be able to create a "BIGGEST HALFTIME DEFECT EVER 2020" in Staples Center between the '19-'20 Lakers Championship and Clippers '13-'14 Pacific Division Champions banner.

It can be as simple as "OFFSEASON CHAMPIONS" for the 2021 San Diego Padres or "ENTIRE ESPN PANEL PICKED THE OTHER TEAM" for a bunch of teams that win games most reasonable people thought they were going to lose. They don't have to be creative. Put a "FEATURED IN BEST CHICAGO MOVIE" banner in Wrigley.

The possibilities are endless. The only problem is, I don't know how to make this. It will take time, resources and know-how and I have none of those. Well, except time, obviously. But I definitely don't have resources or know-how.

And that's why this is a free idea. Someone needs to make this happen and I just want it to exist so I can do one-off jokes about the Nets' stunning ratings. In addition to memes, I imagine this idea generating hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars for someone willing to put in hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars of work.

I mean it's one website, Michael? What could it cost?

That's for you to find out when you make this happen.