Frank Wycheck is Certain He Has CTE, Worried About Snapping

By Jason Lisk
Feb 7, 2017, 11:20 AM EST

Frank Wycheck, famous for throwing the pass in the Music City Miracle, is certain that he has CTE and is donating his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation after his death. He spoke with ESPN about his condition.

Wycheck suffers from migraines and anxiety and depression, and has missed time working as a Titans’ radio analyst because of symptoms that have caused him not to travel with team. He also expressed concerns about what may happen in the future.

"“I worry about, I’m scared about the time if I actually get to that point where these guys [who have committed suicide] have snapped,” he said. “What has made them snap? And that is what I am scared of, that there is something that is going to come over me that is going to make me snap. “I don’t think I am going to do it, but those guys you would never think in a million years would. And that’s the scary part about it. There is no one that can tell you really anything. It’s just, the damage is done.”"

Wycheck, who says he wouldn’t change being a football player despite the symptoms, started playing tackle football when he was 5 years old and estimates that he has been part of 297,000 collisions and had 25 concussions.