Frank Kaminsky Used a Deodorant Commercial to Share His Father's Soccer Insult

Stephen Douglas

Frank Kaminsky has a Speed Stick endorsement. This video ran during SportsCenter this morning and looks just like an ESPN feature story. If it didn’t say presented by Speed Stick, you’d expect Tom Rinaldi to step in and tell us the Kaminsky family’s horrible secret. Instead, the horrible secret is shared by Frank himself around the 50-second mark. The Kaminsky family has no respect for world’s most popular sport.

“Either quit crying or go play soccer.” Wow. There’s no chance our best athletes will play soccer if this kind of attitude persists.

I remember one time a basketball coach told us that if we didn’t like contact, we should go out for wrestling. I’m still not entirely sure what that meant, but I imagine it’s a platitude that Frank Kaminsky could get behind.