Frank Gore Had Concerns About Chip Kelly's Overbearing Approach in Philadelphia


Frank Gore appeared to be on his way to Philadelphia to replace LeSean McCoy. Then, something, or several things, happened, according to this story from Mike Garafolo.

According to Garafolo, the Colts came in with an offer that was “slightly more lucrative.” Schefter, on the other hand, says Gore’s deal was expected to be 3 years with $7.5 million guaranteed, and that’s what he will reportedly get from Indianapolis.

Then, on Sunday night, news came out that Jeremy Maclin was leaving and signing with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Then, there’s this:

"A source said Gore also indicated to a friend he was concerned with what he heard about Kelly’s overbearing approach in Philly. Kelly’s intense, no-nonsense approach — which has helped make him successful throughout his college and professional coaching career — initially rubbed McCoy the wrong way, though McCoy and Kelly were able to patch up their relationship for a good part of their two seasons together. However, receiver DeSean Jackson and cornerback Cary Williams were among those who didn’t mesh well with Kelly’s philosophy, and Williams indicated Kelly’s lengthy, up-tempo practices were an issue for veterans who wanted to rest their bodies during the week."

Reminder: Frank Gore played for Jim Harbaugh, who no one will confuse for a relaxed dude.

We saw Stephen A. Smith come out and say that Chip Kelly’s decisions have left a few brothers feeling uncomfortable. Set aside the race issue, though. I think it’s more the culture talk and a feeling among some that Kelly might be more inflexible than other coaches.  Each individual move can be justified on football terms (trading high on McCoy as a running back entering late 20’s, Cary Williams sucking) but they certainly were guys who were outspoken in the past.