Fox Sports 1 Will be in 90 Million Homes - But it Lost the Battle of Price Per Subscriber


"The frenzied rush that saw several of the country’s biggest distributors agree to carry FS1 at launch occurred only after Fox surprisingly backed off its asking price of $0.80 per subscriber per month, according to multiple high-level sources. Cablevision, Cox, DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable agreed to carry the new, heavily promoted all-sports channel, but only at the same rate they were paying for the previous channel, Speed, which cost $0.23 per subscriber per month."

Fox was never negotiating from a strong position making the move from Speed, so the distributors held firm and won this round. FS1 will gain traction in the coming months, and once it is time to renegotiate, land a higher subscriber price. A tough loss for FS1, but it won’t impact the product.

If you’re looking for some context into other channels and price per subscriber, click here and here. ESPN is getting about $5.50 a month according to various reports. [via Sports Business Daily]

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