Fox News' Todd Piro Blames Jalen Rose For Making Basketball 'Un-American'

Todd Piro, Mad
Todd Piro, Mad /

Jalen Rose ruffled some feathers last week when he expressed his opinion that the sporting world should retire the usage of "Mount Rushmore" to define greatness because it is offensive to Native Americans. Fox News eventually caught wind of this and held a segment on it today with Todd Piro leading the charge.

In the midst of it, Piro went on a tangent about how Rose is to blame for the way basketball has changed since the days of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, calling today's style "un-American."

"He's part of this left that likes to tear things down that are good and in his sport of basketball, it was good in the 80s when you had Magic, Jordan, Bird. And that was American, people were throwing elbows, boxing out, actually playing defense. Now what they have is this European style Jalen Rose supports. It's all European, people just shoot threes. It's not basketball. It's un-American."

Woof. That's quite a take. I think it might be the first time someone has blamed Jalen Rose for the 3-point evolution in the NBA instead of, you know, Stephen Curry or whoever. Remarkable content.

It's always easy to look back on the past with rose-tinted glasses but if "American" basketball consists of the 85-76 scores that littered the NBA in the time Piro is describing, give me European ball every day of the week. I personally thank Jalen Rose for changing the game to what it is today, if he is indeed solely responsible.