Fox News Host Wonders If Joe Biden's Dog Is On Cocaine


Apparently Joe Biden's dog, Commander, has bitten another Secret Service agent. That marks the 11th time the two-year-old German shepherd has been involved in such an incident. It's certainly a concerning development. But fear not, Fox News is here with round-the-clock coverage of the most important scandal of our time. That includes anchor Harris Faulkner who wants to know if Commander might have gotten into the White House cocaine stash.

Enjoy this:

Yep, this is all a marketing ploy, as Commander Biden is set to star in Cocaine Dog, the sequel to the wildly successful Cocaine Bear.

Sure, she's joking, but ... is she? Faulkner wasn't the only Fox News host with an over-the-top reaction to what is a relatively benign incident. Enjoy the following clip:

Yeah, this is where we're at. Joe Biden's dog warrants an entire day of talking points. Wonderful, can't wait to hear about this on and off for the next year during the presidential campaign. It's going to be so fun.

I've said this repeatedly but I'm not sure people grasp just how insanely stupid the next year is going to be.