Charlie Hurt Explains Black Eye During Fox News Appearance: 'Don't Get Into Head-Butting Contest With a Horse'


Washington Times opinionist and Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt popped onto America's Newsroom this morning sporting a brand new look just in time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Dana Perino was compelled to address the significant shiner around Hurt's right eye, giving her guest the opportunity to explain what led to damage.

"You know, it's probably unwise to get into a head-butting contest with a horse, but I stayed on," Hurt said.

Succinct. Let's keep it moving. Exactly how they teach you to explain away a black eye. Just the broad strokes and no further details with an aw-shucks smile. Bonus points for following up with visual proof of said equine opponent who got the better of the exchange.

A pro's pro.