Cooper Manning Hosts Knockoff ManningCast on FOX

Cooper Manning
Cooper Manning /

Cooper Manning has lived much of his life in the shadow of his Super Bowl-winning brothers, a trend that has continued into everybody's post-playing career starting this year. The ManningCast on ESPN hosted by Peyton and Eli is the newest broadcast to take the NFL media world by storm, garnering much acclaim and shockingly high viewership numbers for an alternate cast. Cooper, meanwhile, has still been quietly doing his thing with FOX covering the NFL, mainly hosting a show called The Manning Hour.

Today, Cooper made an excellent video for FOX NFL's pregame labeled as a special episode of The Manning Hour. It was a knockoff ManningCast in which Cooper hosted by himself (but had two cameras on him) and had various guests with famous last names but less notoriety than their counterparts, like Chris Gronkowski and Frank Stallone. It was a very amusing bit.

Great stuff. I would like to see a karaoke event of sorts on the actual ManningCast now that we've gotten Cooper rocking out to a Frank Stallone song.