Fox Broadcast Cuts Out With Yunghoe Koo's Game-Winning Field Goal in Midair


Younghoe Koo lined up a 37-yard field goal that would decide the Atlanta Falcons-Houston Texans game and sent it toward the uprights. Its exact trajectory went unseen for some viewers as a momentary broadcast interruption manifested at the wrong time. By the time the picture was restored, the ball had sailed through for a 21-19 Falcons victory. Which was either tremendous to discover or horrible to learn depending on one's rooting/gambling interests.

Throw in the fact that there were some mysterious flags on the field — which both proved to be against the defense — and you have some genuine confusion/chaos. Par for the course for the witching hour.

Not an ideal way to process this all, but not the end of the world. Eagle-eyed viewers could feel confident that thing was going in by the early flight barring some huge gust of wind. And when you're in a dome that's not really in play anyway.

Right now there more than a few fanbases who wouldn't mind if their signal was disrupted for about three hours every Sunday to save them the pain.