Fourteen People Have a Bet on Auburn at 1,000:1 to Win the BCS Title [UPDATE]


Fourteen lucky souls made a 1,000:1 bet on Auburn in the offseason at the Las Vegas Hilton to win the BCS title, according to David Purdum of Betting Talk. Here’s how Auburn – a team of destiny! – wins the BCS Title:

* Beat Missouri in the SEC title game Saturday (Auburn is a 2-point favorite)


* Have Ohio State lose to Michigan State in the Big 10 title game Saturday (Buckeyes favored by 6)


* Have Florida State lose to Duke in the ACC title game Saturday (Seminoles favored by 28)

A longer shot: Auburn smokes Missouri, say, 35-10, and Ohio State barely gets by Michigan State, 13-10 or something. And 1-loss Auburn sneaks by OSU into the title game.

[UPDATEOhio State lost to Michigan State. Auburn defeated Missouri. Auburn will now play Florida State for the BCS Title.]

Are you one of the 14 people holding an Auburn ticket? Please drop us a line. We’ll be rooting for you.