Four NFL Coaches Who Already Need to Be Fired


We’re through our second Sunday of the 2019 NFL season and there are already four NFL coaches who should be fired. Check out our list below.

Pat Shurmur, New York Giants

Pat Shurmur is in his second year with the Giants, and after going 5-11 in 2018, he’s opened 2019 with an embarrassing 0-2 start. The G-Men got smoked by the Cowboys 35-17 in Week 1, and were outclassed by a bad Bills team 28-14 in Week 2. On top of that, he patently refuses to give rookie Daniel Jones a chance to replace the awful Eli Manning.

Shurmur clearly believes the Giants can win now given his marriage to Manning. I’m here to tell you, the Giants can absolutely not win now. Shurmur has had Eli for a year and still somehow thinks he’s a viable NFL quarterback. He’s wasting a generational running back in Saquon Barkley because their passing offense doesn’t balance out what he can do on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Giants’ defense is a mess and the culture of the franchise is falling apart. Shurmur went 9-23 in two years as head coach of the Browns from 2011-12, so we already know who he is as a coach. He’s not turning the Giants around and they should cut their losses soon.

Jay Gruden, Washington

When the Washington Redskins hired Jay Gruden as their head coach back in 2014, all he’d done was win some Arena League games and be an average NFL offensive coordinator for three years. Seven years later he’s gone 35-47-1 and lost the only playoff game he’s ever been to. Who could have possibly seen that coming!

Now Gruden and his woeful Washington squad have opened the 2019 season with losses to two division foes. He’s only under contract through 2020, so we pretty much have a “dead man walking” situation here. I mean, he has Case Keenum at quarterback and what used to be Adrian Peterson at running back. This season will most likely wind up a disaster.

There’s no reason to keep Gruden around at this point. He’s basically a less-successful version of his entirely average older brother.

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Tomlin is in his 13th season with the Pittsburgh Steelers and…wait, really? It’s been 13 whole years? Yes it has, and it’s been 11 seasons since he led the Steelers to a win in Super Bowl XLIII. Under Tomlin, Pittsburgh has been to the postseason eight times, and has won six AFC North titles. The problem? It might be time for a new voice in Steel City.

The Steelers have opened the 2019 season 0-2. They were absolutely housed by the Patriots in Week 1 in a 33-3 embarrassment, and Tomlin’s defense got smacked around in a Week 2 loss to the Seahawks. Oh, and Ben Roethlisberger — a huge reason for all of Tomlin’s success — was injured on Sunday.

With Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown gone and Roethlisberger’s time as an effective quarterback winding down, it might be time for a reset in Pittsburgh. If the Steelers can’t beat the 49ers in Week 3, it might be time for Tomlin to go.

Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers

I think the Panthers have just forgotten Ron Rivera is still their head coach. Lord knows I did…like three years ago. Rivera took the Panthers to Super Bowl 50 where they lost to the Broncos. Since then he’s guided them to a 24-26 record and they’ve currently lost nine of their last 10.

Rivera is just in a bad spot. Cam Newton looks finished, the defense looks spotty and the team’s entire energy is horrible. If the Panthers can’t beat rookie quarterback Kyler Murray in Week 3, Rivera should probably be gone.

Even if they overcome Murray’s athleticism and Kliff Kingsbury’s boyish good-looks, it might be time to hit the reset button in Carolina anyway. The team has a new owner in billionaire David Tepper and a complete rebuild might be the best move the franchise could make. Unfortunately for Rivera, that would mean it’s time for him to go.