Four Destinations for Jameis Winston, Who Reportedly is Likely to Leave Tampa Bay

Destinations for Jameis Winston.
Destinations for Jameis Winston. / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

While all attention is on The Decision, Tom Brady Edition, there are other quarterbacks with futures in limbo. This includes the most unpredictable, or predictable, player I can remember: Jameis Winston. Per Peter King, it's "likely" that Winston is on his way out of Tampa Bay. The Interception King isn't a fit most places, but there are a few you can sell me on as landing spot for the captain of the 30-30 club:

Indianapolis Colts

Jacoby Brissett is not the answer. Albert Breer reported this morning that the Colts can be crossed off the list of suitors for Brady. And Philip Rivers, who has been a rumored option for the Colts, looked finished this past season. Indianapolis will have to move up from the 13th pick to select Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, or Justin Herbert. Thus, staying pat, continuing to build a solid roster, and singing Winston is a convincible strategy. Good Jameis is more than enough to get this Colts team back into the playoffs. The risk, of course, is the games where Bad Jameis shows up and ruins the Colts' steady organization. 

Las Vegas Raiders

Forget Good Jameis or Bad Jameis. Las Vegas Jameis is what we really need. Derek Carr's future with the Raiders remains up in the air. Vegas is named as destination for Brady daily, but if they don't land him, Winston is a thrilling contingency plan. Jon Gruden and Winston would be riveting. Would you not watch? Weekly? 

Los Angeles Chargers

This is the best fit for Winston (Good or Bad). The Chargers can draft a quarterback to replace Rivers. But since moving to Los Angeles, they haven't mattered. Winston in that city, with that owner, and with that history would be newsworthy, meme-worthy, and hilarious. Winston would inherit a plethora of weapons. Remember: this team was a legit Super Bowl contender just two years ago. And if any team is accepting of mistakes/turnovers, it's this one. Well, sort of.

New England Patriots

This probably isn't happening, but if Brady departs, Winston and Bill Belichick is a fascinating thought. Perhaps Winston's interceptions push Belichick past his breaking point and he's sent out of Massachusetts by October. Or maybe Belichick gets Winston to cut down on the turnovers and improves him as a quarterback. Because under that scenario, Winston would be a top 10 quarterback in the NFL. Adding that to Belichick's system and a next-level defense makes Andy Dalton sound like a bland, dispiriting backup plan.