Footage of Fort Lauderdale Flooding Is Wild

Record Rains And Floods Inundate South Florida
Record Rains And Floods Inundate South Florida / Joe Raedle/GettyImages

Fort Lauderdale has been hit by an absolutely massive amount of rain in a 1-of-1,000-year storm. The city experienced 25.91 inches of rain in 24 hours. As you can imagine, the city is flooded to an incredible degree. The footage emerging from the city is incredible.

Here's a look at some videos of what Fort Lauderdale looked like over the past 24 hours.

That's just absolutely incredible.

The city's airport has also flooded and will remain closed on Friday, cutting off an escape route for many. Here's what the airport looked like on Wednesday:

Again, just incredible footage. Here's hoping the city gets some relief soon.