Former Detroit Red Wings All-Star Pavel Datsyuk Holed Up in Women's Monastery With Rebel Priest

 Vladimir Putin and Pavel Datsyuk
Vladimir Putin and Pavel Datsyuk / Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

Pavel Datsyuk retired from the NHL in 2016 after 14 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings. The four-time Lady Byng Memorial Award winner and two time Stanley Cup champion has been playing in Russia's KHL until the league's season was canceled in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. So where is he now?

Pavel Datsyuk is holed up in a women's monastery with a rebel priest who believes COVID-19 is a cover so Bill Gates can implant microchips in everyone.

Father Sergei, who is Datsyuk's personal confessor, is a prominent Russian Orthodox priest awaiting trial for defying bans on public ministry and suspicion of inciting hatred. Under a previous name, he spent 13 years in prison for murder. Now he's running what some believe is a religious cult. Taking over a monastery with armed guards outside probably won't help that impression.