Floyd Mayweather Has $123 Million in One Bank Account

By Jason McIntyre

Floyd Mayweather, the 36-year old boxing champ who fights some guy named Canelo Alvarez on September 14th, was recently profiled by ESPN’s Tim Keown. It’s a terrific read into the life of the cocky, comical Mayweather, one of the great boxing showmen of the last couple decades.

After digesting it all, I keep coming back to one exchange that centers around Mayweather spending money at a Foot Locker in Michigan as if he were playing monopoly:

"There is more than $123 million in Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s bank account. He nods, folds the slip and says, “One account, baby.”"

I love how Mayweather successfully ducked Manny Pacquiao for a couple years … and then Pacquiao got knocked the eff out by Juan Manuel Marquez. I love how Mayweather talks trash like no other and gambles on sports but … I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the fact that Mayweather has one bank account with all his money.

I opted for the in-between: Shaking my head.

The fact that Mayweather is showing the bottom line to a reporter? Love that. [via ESPN]

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