Florida State Fan Melts Down Over Travis Hunter Flip to Jackson State

Jackson State v Alabama State
Jackson State v Alabama State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

Travis Hunter is making a ton of headlines on Wednesday. Henry is the top recruit in the country and on Early Signing Day he flipped his commitment from Florida State to Deion Sanders' program at Jackson State. Seminoles fans are not happy about it.

An elite cornerback who has been favorably compared to Charles Woodson, Hunter's commitment to Sanders at an HBCU feels like a paradigm shift that involves the intersection of Sanders' magnetism, the rebirth of HBCU athletic programs as potential powers and an ocean of NIL money.

Don't tell Florida State fans that, though. They are livid. Perhaps most personified by this gentleman who joined a Twitter Spaces conversation and was livid at both Florida State and Sanders for his favorite program losing a top recruit.

That's just amazing. Absolutely incredible. It's so perfect. That guy really needs to chill. Being so wrapped up in the decisions of 18 year olds is never a great way to live.

Even without Hunter, Florida State is set to land a top 15 class. There's nothing to be ashamed about there.