Florida Receiver Andre Debose Reportedly Thrown Into Window During "armed confrontation"

By Mike Cardillo

Andre Debose, a wide receiver at the University of Florida, appeared to be in the wrong place a the wrong time and found himself in the middle of a wild, gun-filled incident while eating dinner at a Gainsville residence Saturday night. The details, released by the Gainesville Police Department’ Facebook page, include Debose being pushed into the window of the home.

Here’s the entire, eye-opening, police statement.

"At 6:30pm Saturday, officers responded to an armed confrontation involving at least 2 subjects in the front yard of the house that were reportedly armed with a handgun and a rifle. When officers arrived, they found an SUV parked in front of the house with numerous bullet holes and shell casings in the road. One subject retreated into the house but came out and was secured within moments. Investigation determined that John Mark Honeycutt W/M 7/1/90, Andre Debose B/M 9/12/90, Victor Watkins II B/M 12/20/89 and Kristan Lipham W/F were eating together in the house. Debose and Watkins got into an argument resulting in Watson pushing Debose into a window. The glass broke, but Debose was not injured. This angered Honeycutt who retrieved a handgun and threatened Watkins with it. However, Watkins immediately took the handgun from Honeycutt and then discharged several rounds into the ground outside the house. Honeycutt now retrieved the rifle and fired several rounds into Watkins’s SUV and into the ground in front of the house. All parties were transported to CID where GPD detectives conducted interviews. After an extensive investigation, detectives arrested Honeycutt for Aggravated Assault. All other parties were released."

There was some initial confusion online that Debose was the aggressor, but the Gainesville Police confirmed he was the victim of the assault and not charged. Either way everyone involved is lucky to have walked away from this one unscathed. (Florida, right?)

Gainesville PD spokesman Ben Tobias offered a sincere apology for the earlier misformation and wrote that Dobose tried to break up the fight:

"To Mr. Debose: I apologize that my error put your name and reputation in jeopardy, no matter how briefly. I take full responsibility for this error, and hope that the stories printed and published will correct your name and reputation. Furthermore, I am extremely proud that you intervened in this incident and likely prevented anyone from being injured or killed."

Dobose torn his ACL and missed the entire 2013 season. He was granted a sixth-year of eligibility earlier this month by the NCAA.