Benches Clear Between Florida and Kentucky During Women's SEC Tournament

Kentucky v Florida
Kentucky v Florida / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

On Wednesday, Florida and Kentucky's women's basketball teams faced off in the first round of the 2023 SEC tournament. Things got spicy in the second half as both benches cleared following a basketball-throwing incident between Florida's Tatyana Wyche and Kentucky's Ajae Petty.

The aptly-named Petty had the ball after Kentucky scored and shoved the basketball into Wyche's face as she was running back up the court. It was the kind of subtle veteran move that probably would've gone uncalled because she did it while raising her arm, making it look like she was dropping the ball in an exaggerated motion. This led to Wyche hurling the basketball at the back of Petty's head. She missed, somehow, but that led to the benches clearing and a lost heel for Kentucky HC Kyra Elzy.

Here is a gif of the incident that sparked everything:

And some videos of the aftermath from the journalists in attendance:

Everybody loves some extracurriculars out on the court but this drew our attention because how does Wyche miss that throw? Absolutely brutal. Cannot miss if you go for the full windup like that.

Three Florida players, including Wyche, were ejcted. Petty only recieved a technical for her role in the situation. Kentucky had an additonal player ejected for leaving the bench. UPDATE: Eight players were ejected.

A tough time to lose your cool.